A few weeks back I found myself writing a midnight letter to my community. I was overwhelmed after the devastating news that our recently retired Chief of Police had committed suicide. A beloved member of this community, his death compounded the pain our corridor was already suffering after several suicides, tragic accidents and traumas had left their mark of sorrow. The letter began this way:

If you cut a body deep enough, long enough it will bleed to death.

If you withhold food long enough, often enough, the body will die of starvation.

If you deny air, breath, lung space the body will suffocate.

But these are not the only instruments of death that can kill

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Hope smothered under the black tar of despair kills the will to live.

Despair is the long black shadow of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Mordor

sucking from life its vibrant attraction,

and it is against despair at all costs, that we must fight.

The wisest man to ever live, Solomon, warned us to guard our heart above all things. Of all the “things” we guard in life, passwords, homes, marriages, children etc. he warns us that we are to demonstrate the most vigilance towards our heart, “for out of it flow the wellspring of life” or another way of saying it is- “everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23.

The soul consists of mind, will, and is the seat of our emotions. Everything that makes up what the Bible refers to as our heart. If our heart is sick, we are in danger of despair, and despair can mire our life force so deeply we can forget that life is a gift.

Soul Focus 2023 exists to create a space in time where we can journey together through the badlands of depression, despair, trauma, woundedness, fatigue and isolation. It exists to create an understanding of the three constants of reality: Pain, Consequence and Work. My hope is that we will discover language to express the soul’s need and form a companioning community equipped to surround each other as we sojourn through the mystery of life- death- life.

As an attendee of Soul Focus 2023 you will experience compassionate, intentional, sensory sessions designed to equip you with your own unique set of tools. These include: Strategy, language and ability to understand, love and move in healing for yourself and those around you.

Each session falls under the CPR Of The Soul Protocol: REVIVE-REFRESH-IGNITE.

There will be a lot of information for you to take in, experience and walk out. The Resource Guide for the Workshop will contain recommended readings, text suggestions, ministry links, worksheets and guides for you to be able to continue what you started in our time together.

We are on the front lines of a real war against life. CPR Of The Soul is the first skill necessary to be the First Responders of this world. In the battlefield you must care for yourself before you can heal another-it is what is meant by:

“Love your neighbor, as yourself” The Gospel of Mark 12: 31


Friday April 28th



5:00pm Doors Open

6:00pm Session One-The Monster At The Well

Saturday April 29th



9:00 am Continental Breakfast

9:45 am Session Two-Breathing God’s Breath

10:45 am Break

11:00 am Session Three-Imago Dei

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Session Four-Apples of Gold

1:45pm Break



2:00 Session Five-The Secret Heart

2:45 Break

3:00 Session Six-Anam Cara

4pm-5pm Session Recaps and Q&A




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Conference Registration Includes: Saturday deluxe continental breakfast and light lunch, comprehensive syllabus and resource list. Discounts available for registering multiple members of a household. Discounts also available for attendees serving in law enforcement, the medical field or the clergy. A credit will be applied to your online payment or at the door if you choose to pay in person. Please email me at for any questions.



A Little About Me

I am a seasoned Soul Care Advocate, Ministry Leader, Author, Conference Speaker and Life Recovery Coach in the beautiful Clearwater Corridor of Idaho. I have a passion to see transformation in the lives of those I have the privilege of ministering to. The focus of the indwelling life of Christ, the true well spring, prompted the formation of Soul Care U the teaching, equipping, and resource arm of my coaching practice Soul Care. It is my sincere desire that the outflow of time spent in these courses will truly help hearts to heal and lives to be restored through the power of the grace of God freely given in Jesus.

The Venue:

Orofino Community Church 14233 Hwy 12 Orofino, ID

Contact: 208-476-3019